400 ¥

For person

Hanging Temple over Golden Dragon Canyon and the world-famous Yungang Grottoes, with its huge Buddhas carved in AD 460

700 ¥

For person

Yungang Grottoes(Cloud Ridge Caves), Huayan Monastery, Shanhua Monastery, Nine Dragon Screen, Suspending Temple (Hanging Monastery) and the Wooden Pagoda.

200 ¥

Amazing tour

Full day trip to Pingyao Ancient Town, The Ancient City Wall, The Rishengchang Draft Bank, The Mingqing Street.

1800 ¥

Adventure travel

Yungang Grottoes, Nine Dragon Wall, Hanging Temple, Wooden Pagoda, Qiao's Family Compound in Taiyuan, Pingyao ancient city, the City Wall, the Draft Bank, the Ming&Qing Street and the Shuanglin Temple.

1388 ¥

Relax tour

Datong city, Yungang Grottoes, Huayan Temple, Shanhua Monastery, Nine Dragon Screen, Hanging Temple, Wooden Pagoda, Ancient City Wall of Pingyao, Mingqing Street, Armed Escort Company Museum and County Government Office

2000 ¥

For person

Yungang Grottoes, Huayan Temple of Liao and Jin Dynasty, Nine Dragon Screen, Hanging Temple, Wooden Pagoda, Mount Wutai, Xiantong Temple, Pusading Temple, Tayuan Temple, Jinci Temple, Qiao Family Compound and Double Forest Temple in Pingyao and old town of Pingyao.